California remains in a severe drought, as 2015 saw the lowest snowpack ever recorded. With no end to the water shortage in sight, Gov. Brown on April 1, 2015, issued an executive order mandating substantial reductions in water-use across the state. This step came 15 months after Brown initially proclaimed a state of emergency related to the drought conditions. Water – its quality and quantity – is vital for energy, land use, and maintenance of a healthy environment. Proper management of water is essential to our future economic and environmental health.

The California Apartment Association is committed to the education of rental property owners and residents about water conservation and the responsible use of water in residential rental homes and multifamily housing. CAA stands ready to work with state agencies, local governments, and water providers to develop practical policies and incentives that promote the responsible use, delivery, and conservation of water, including water billing allocation programs, drought resistant landscaping policies, water metering, and pricing structures that encourage water conservation.

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